It was the day before our first day of school which meant it was Sunday so we all had to go to the church we decided to attend. The church was huge like all the other buildings in London. After we worshipped, I was introduced to a couple of girls who seemed to be about my age and so were Aurelia and Theo. I met four of them and they were all unique in different ways. The first girl was called Olivia and she was the kind of girl who got top scores on every subject you name. By that, you can tell that she was all the teachers’ favorite which made some kids call her names and all that but I was happy for her to be born with the brightest brain anyone could have. The second friend I met was Emma and she was just too pretty for a human. You can call her a princess, goddess, angel, anything! Her eyes were like a cat’s eyes and her lip was just too perfectly shaped, if you ask me. If I’m being honest, I did quite feel jealous of her beauty but I knew I was pretty in my way too so I just complimented her on how gorgeous she was. My next friend was just born to be an athlete. Her name was Amelia and I could see her muscles from miles away but just because her body was that way, it didn’t keep her from having a good body shape. Her body shape was everything anyone would dream of. Now my other friend who was named Mia was just so creative. She told me she would often compose her own music during her free time and how cool is that? Not only that, but her style was just as creative as her music skills because she could literally turn her school uniform into something that makes you look like you just stepped out of a magazine. Despite our differences, we had one thing in common — we loved music.

I was genuinely grateful to get to be surrounded by a bunch of nice and cool friends when I arrived here. However, things at home didn’t seem to be going as I imagined. My dad was always so busy with work that he didn’t have any time to spend with any of us and my mom was so stressed out by the price of everything they sell in London. As for my sister, she has been moody ever since and whenever I try to talk to her about what’s going on, she would never hear my knock because she would listen to those break-up songs anytime I see her home. At this point, I’m worried she might become deaf because she’s always wearing her headphones that are blasting with music.

After dinner, I was going up to my room when I noticed that there wasn’t any music being played in Aurelia’s room. There was no noise coming out from it. I couldn’t let go of this chance so that’s when I gently knocked on her door.

With her door still shut, she replied coldly, “What do you want?”

“Aurelia, can I talk with you? It will take less than a minute,” I said.

She then finally opened her door but she still seemed unsatisfied that I was disturbing her. “What is it?”

“It’s just that…” and here I paused. It surely took some courage to start this conversation because I felt like she was so different from the old Aurelia I knew. Then I bravely continued, “I noticed that you weren’t being yourself lately.”

“What are you to care about how I’m acting or whether I’m feeling well or not?”

“I just wanted to check on you as your younger sister. I mean both our parents are so busy with work, Theo has no sense of what’s going on and I can’t expect him to do either but you seemed so upset with something so I felt like I had to try to do something about it. That’s all”

After hearing my explanation, my sister’s face softened a bit. She almost seemed happy that someone was coming to talk to her — although that had to be me — so she spoke up, “Would you like to come into my room to hear what’s going on?”

Now that was more like something Aurelia would do! So I quickly entered her room before she could change her mind. It was my first time visiting her room ever since the day we were exploring our house. Before I could think of anything else, I focused back on the main reason why I was here. I waited for my sister to speak. She took a deep breath and what came out of her mouth was short but it was something huge.

“We broke up.”

I couldn’t find the right words to say after I heard what she said. Did they break up? Why though? Liam and Aurelia always loved each other so much! If you ask me, they were inseparable. Probably my sister noticed that I was struggling with what to say because she continued, not bothering to hear what I had to say about it.

“I know what you’re thinking and it is true. We really loved each other and all that but I think it just happened all of a sudden. After Dad announced that we were moving to London, I was so happy about it that I forgot what I would lose if I did. I’ve been such a pig and didn’t even try to understand how Liam would feel. However, that’s not the main reason we broke up. He seemed to understand me when I was so happy that I got to go to London since he always knew how much I loved traveling but after arriving here, I was not paying that much attention to him like it was guaranteed that he would like me no matter what. I shouldn’t have thought he was one of my belongings who I could take advantage of. Everything was my fault.”

“Oh, when did you guys break up?”

“It was right after we arrived at this place. I was looking around this room and that’s when I saw the text. It was him. He said that he thinks we can’t be together anymore because he can’t feel the sparks we used to have and that he thinks I lost interest in him. He also told me that it was going to be hard for us to stay connected to each other when we were so far away,” she told me and added, “He didn’t even bother to call me. He just texted. In a paragraph.”

One thing I knew for sure was that Aurelia hated paragraph text. She said it represented serious life problems.

After hearing her break-up story I felt sorry for her and totally understood why she was acting that way lately. If the same thing happened to me, I probably wouldn’t have even come out of my room!

“Do you think you’ll be fine like this? I do get how you’re feeling and I don’t blame you for it,” I said.

“I’ll be fine and I know I have to get over it at some point. I decided that I would like to enjoy what I was given for now. Who knows, maybe someday we will go back to Maryland and I might have a chance to talk to him. Also, everything he told was true after all.”

After the talk, I was glad to know about what had made her so miserable for the past few days. Luckily, someone was there to teach me not to make the same kind of mistake.

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